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Pipe Lagging

Pipe Lagging


KORE Pipe Lagging is available in the following sizes:

 Pipe Dimension You Need Units Sold
12mm (1/2") 15mm x 25mm - 2m Lengths 100m/Box
12mm (1/2") 15mm x 19mm -2m Lengths 134m/Box
19mm (3/4") 22mm x 19mm - 2m Lengths 108m/Box
25mm (1") 28mm x 19mm - 2m Lengths 96m/Box

KORE Pipe Insulation features the following benefits:

  • Prevents pipes from freezing in cold weather
  • Prevents the formation of condensation which may lead to corrosion
  • Moderates surface temperature, reducing the risk of injury
  • Reduces heat loss 
  • Dampens noise that may travel through pipework
  • CFC and HCFC free
  • Twice the thickness of other products available
  • 0.035W/mK at 0°C and 0.039W/mK at 40°C
  • Rot-proof, oudourless and non-hydroscopic

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