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KORE K20 Tile Ventilator

KORE K20 Tile Ventilator


KORE's K20 Tile Ventilator is suitable for most interlocking and plain tile roofs with a pitch over 17.5 degrees. The K20 can also be used for heat recovery systems with an optional 150mm adapter. The K20 Tile Vent is suitable for both high and low level ventilation requirements.

Free Ventilation Area: 20,000mm²
Spacing: 5,000mm² - 4.0m  10,000mm² - 2.0m / 25,000mm² - 0.8m

Colours: Slate grey and brown


  • Features a low profile design
  • Can be used with most concrete interlocking roof tiles
  • Available in two colours
  • 150mm adapter suitable for Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems
  • Meets all current building regulations, including Part F - Ventilation (2009) and requirements for all Better Energy Homes Schemes

Download the KORE K20 Tile Ventilator Technical Data Sheet

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