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KORE K10 Slate Vent in Slate Grey

KORE K10 Slate Ventilator


The K10 Slate Ventilator is designed for slate roof ventilation for new builds or retrofit applications. The K10 can be used for roof pitches between 20 and 60 degrees at high or low level where eaves or ridge vents are not suitable.

Free Ventilation Area: 10,000mm²
Sizes: 600x300mm or cut to 500mmx250mm
Spacing: 5,000mm² - 2.0m / 10,000mm² - 1.0m / 25,000mm² - 0.4m
Colour: Grey


  • Low profile design
  • Resistant to driving and torrential rain
  • Fits with slate sizes 610 x 305mm or 510 x 255mm
  • Easy installation both during or after the slating process, depending on needs
  • Designed for new builds or the retrofit of existing buildings
  • Complies with all building regulations, including Part F - Ventilation (2009) and all Better Energy Homes Schemes

Download the KORE K10 Slate Ventilator Technical Data Sheet

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